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Accessories Collections

All of our handmade accessories incorporate methods of upcycling and Waste utilisation; through positively tackling and preventing the rise in solid waste and the multiple issues pertaining to this, in Nigeria, specifically in Lagos State, which is currently the largest producer of solid waste in the country.

Clothing Collections

We believe that the future of fashion is regenerative, and,  are proudly committed to creating unique and quality garments, without compromising on ethics or sustainability. We produce one Limited Edition seasonless, conceptual and sustainable clothing collection per year, acting against fast fashion. We consider animal welfare, all of our products are vegan, as they are ethically and sustainably made with natural fibres or recycled materials, we do not source leather, down, feathers, exotic skins, mohair, mulesing, wool or angora, for our collections. We do not use print placement, which reduces fabric waste, as well as, we keep all fabric waste and recycle them into new designs. 

%50 of our collections are ethically handmade in Nigeria by local artisans who are paid a fair trade price,  the remaining 50% of our collections are ethically handmade in the UK by our head designer Tobi Kolawole-Olutade. We thoroughly ensure that there are no unfair labour practices or human rights violations that go into making our clothes.

Packaging & Carbon footprint​​

All of our packagings are recyclable or 100% biodegradable,  We only ship with couriers that are dedicated to minimising carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts.

Lastly, as an e-commerce retailer studies have shown that we use 30% less energy than traditional retail spaces.

For more information about our sustainable practices, please email: 

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