"Put on your new nature, and be renewed" - Colossians 3:10


The Revival and Resurrection Collective is an iconic creative house dedicated to using fashion & design as a powerful tool for enhancing socio-environmental change in personal climates. We are positively tackling Nigeria's waste problem by specifically, upcycling Lagos state's solid waste into statement fashion designs & lifestyle decor for economic value, instead of it ending up at uncontrolled dumpsites and landfills which, has a negative impact on the environment. We aim to reduce the amount of waste disposed of at uncontrolled dumpsites and landfills, in Lagos, from 90% to 50%, over the next 20 years. 

Our work ensures that the negative toll of waste mismanagement on the city of Lagos and its inhabitants is significantly reduced, positively enhancing the personal climate of inhabitants and their livelihoods. It offers a more sustainable plus, circular waste management process pushing SDG goals 6, 8 & 13 which further contributes to Africa’s Sustainable Development, as a whole.

Through our holistic environmental approach to tackling waste, the range of sustainable design methods, and our ethical production practices, outlined on our sustainability page, we implement positive social messages in our products which raise awareness and empower voices against social oppressions, using maximalist statement prints, bold colours, and feel-good textures.

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